Hi all... we've been very quiet lately because we were lucky enough to add new accommodation to our portfolio.

River Court Apartments are in Chesterton, very quiet place close to the river and Stourbridge common where used to hold a fair that became a vital feature of Cambridge life for as long as 700 years. It was the largest medieval fair in England (and, some say, even the whole world!), drawing merchants and crowds from all over Europe.

Our accommodation at River Court is just opposite the common and is proud to reminisce part of Cambridge's history.

We’ve been working on them for a while now, but we are almost done, you can see some pictures (not a very good ones I am afraid) in our web page. Once the places are completely ready I will have our dear Onur taking those marvelous pictures as he does 😊

River Court Apartments it’s been designed so you can always go back to the same place, have the same amenities and services but every time you can sleep in a totally different environment thus the different names and different themes we are assigning to every one of the studios … it's been fun so far and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did preparing them for you!

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