Hello all, I am very excited today because I am finally able to make an announcement of something that we’ve been working on for a bit.

Last week was the birth of our sister company LETS keep it clean Ltd.

 LETS keep it clean

I am sure you already know what’s about :-)

We were struggling to find reliable and well-trained cleaners to keep all our managed properties ready and well maintained for our customers. As we pride ourselves on offering state of the art maintenance in all the accommodation for our guests, this part of the service is even more important that the actual image of the properties.

In our 13years of experience, we have been working with many different cleaning companies in order to maintain everything in good shape and perfectly arranged for the arrival of new visitors.

After starting LETS Cambridge the creation of a sister company like this one I was the logical step.

Now we would like to offer an opportunity to someone already in the cleaning business to become an entrepreneur and join us as an associate ... could that be you? Get in touch!

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