I have never done this before so please bear with me … I am learning!

Many people have told me I should share my crazy ideas (or not so crazy) with others because they found them useful and original, or boring and bold smile. So here I am, at the time when this web page has almost everything we need to make it happen and it looks so fantastic that I could eat Vincenzo (yes, he did this) with kisses!

So without any delay, I am very, very happy to welcome you all to our “TIDINGS”. A place where we will share news, announce new ventures, contribute with new ideas, tips or even partake the knowledge acquired on the way here …

I must confess it took us a while to start with it because I didn’t like the name news, it felt cold and unfriendly and that's the exact opposite of what we're trying to achieve. Our aim is to make people feel at home by personalising our services. We love making people smile and happy!

During my life, I have done many different jobs, too many to start counting but the truth is I’ve been up and down the work ladder for a bit and everyone of those jobs contributed to the experience and knowledge I have now (not that I know anything!).

Interesting enough, my last job as housing officer inspired me to start this business. I’ve spent the last 12 years of my life finding accommodation for our visitors but, even being proud of actually finding accommodation for everyone all those years in a place like Cambridge -where is always complicated to say the least-, I think my biggest achievement was to help people to find the right place for them, to help them with tips and ideas of local knowledge to have a wonderful experience in this wonderful city.

And that’s what LETS is all about, helping people to feel at home with beautiful and cared places for anyone who visits us! Once again… welcome and please participate




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