We have great news, LETS is very proud to welcome Omid into our team!

Omid Aminian is an experienced property administrator who spent the last two years with a start up.

We are very lucky to have him. His experience, knowledge, support and good work will surely help to make LETS even better.

Soon we will add his profile and picture (courtesy of our good friend Onur Pinar)!!! in or page... watch this space 😊

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Two years have passed...It’s been two glorious and, sometimes, hard years. Creating a business from an idea, developing ideas, putting them in practice and the best part
. our customers. It couldn’t be completed without you!

LETS Cambridge is still here to attend all your needs and requirements.Growing in every sense, new employees, new office, new properties to come...

This year, LETS Cambridge is working in increasing the property portfolio, bigger properties, long term ones and a full building with six new properties that, I am sure, will be designed just for you. We will keep you updated.

In the meantime, please enjoy the properties and your stay in Cambridge.

It is our pleasure.

and LETS Cambridge is still alive!!!  

We've been working hard this last two weeks so no rest for the warriors! (funny how fast you forget you have more muscles in your body that the ones you normally complain about when you decide to go to the gym!) Last week I found some muscles that I didn’t even knew existed!!!

Enough with the crying! wink I have some time to wonder about a few things and I want to share them with you, get to know your thoughts.

LETS is been hired to decorate a series of properties for a company that offers serviced apartments, one of the requirements is that all the flats should look the same so advertising will only have pictures from one flat and guests will see what they get. Obviously is a job and you want a happy customer so I comply but...

 I had the chance to talk to one guest and she commented that would prefer a style with a more personal approach and I agree hundred percent.

Let’s study Airbnb success for example, is it because of the prices? Is it because is more homely? You don’t feel lonely when you travel alone? Or is it because every house, flat, apartment is a small part of the host offering the accommodation?

Personally, LETS put a lot of heart in what we do and love that every one of the properties we manage is different from the other.

Everything is carefully selected and bought for the property, the colours, the furniture, curtains, etc
 we love the fact that is unique making distinctive the service we offer.

What do you think? How do you choose where to stay when you go on holidays or just on a short business trip? What makes you tick when you search for a place? Pictures? Location? Prices?

We would love to hear your opinions... come on! Don’t be shy!

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Hello everyone and welcome again! I just wanted to share with all you our latest project ... 


.... to be continued!

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LETS keep it clean, cleaning company Cambridge

Hello all, I am very excited today because I am finally able to make an announcement of something that we’ve been working on for a bit.

Last week was the birth of our sister company LETS keep it clean Ltd.

 LETS keep it clean

I am sure you already know what’s about :-)

We were struggling to find reliable and well-trained cleaners to keep all our managed properties ready and well maintained for our customers. As we pride ourselves on offering state of the art maintenance in all the accommodation for our guests, this part of the service is even more important that the actual image of the properties.

In our 13years of experience, we have been working with many different cleaning companies in order to maintain everything in good shape and perfectly arranged for the arrival of new visitors.

After starting LETS Cambridge the creation of a sister company like this one I was the logical step.

Now we would like to offer an opportunity to someone already in the cleaning business to become an entrepreneur and join us as an associate ... could that be you? Get in touch!

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