property management

A new and different approach to property management.

Are you tired of managing your property or just don't have the time? Are you a property investor and want to rent your property for three to five years without worrying about it? We will take care of your property like our own .... just give us a call!

LETS is vastly experienced in property management. We work with both, investors and property owners to maximise the value of your investment. LETS will manage long term as well as short term properties, in this case we work on a rent to rent basis and offer our customers accommodation for their short visits.

It is not important if your property is new or old, we will take great care of it. LETS will refresh it and make it attractive to valuable customers, even make it brand new if needed!

LETS will furnish and decorate your property to the high standards we like to offer. We work with our sister company LETS play design to decorate our properties (and yours) with quality and style.

How do we do all that? LETS has a long and vast experience in accommodation needs, both long and short term lets. Previous working experience with companies like the University of Cambridge made us realise the need of accommodation for Cambridge visitors. Visitors that need to stay and work for a period shorter than 6 months and don't like the idea of spending that time in a hotel... our properties allow them to make them feel at home, to have the family with them. All our short term properties have everything you need to have a pleasant stay.

On another hand, we have our own projects as well as a good size investors portfolio and we are involved in different projects, both in UK and other countries in Europe.



LETS will furnish and decorate your property to the high standards we like to offer 



How we do all that?

LEST has a long and vast knowledge in short-term lets. Whilst working for the University we realized how hard it was for our visitors to find accommodation during their visits when they were shorter than 6 months so we are very pleased to help them to both visit Cambridge or start their journey into joining us!