River Court Apartments

River Court, Ferry Lane, Cambridge, CB4 1NT, United Kingdom Phone: +441223561822

From 1211, Stourbridge Fair became a vital feature of Cambridge life for the next 700 years. It was the largest medieval fair in England (and, some say, even the whole world!), drawing merchants and crowds from all over Europe.

Our flats at River Court are just opposite the common and is proud to reminisce part of Cambridge's history.

Recently refurbished spacious studio flat, separate kitchen and shower room. The place has been designed to experience both ambiances in the studio, bedroom and living /dining room.

Located in Chesterton, ideal for Science and Business Park and close to Cambridge North has several shops and pubs close by one of them famous in Cambridge for their pizzas! 

2 Seasons

The name of this studio is based on the paintings from Kate Heiss. She is a textile designer and print-maker who has worked with a wide range of fashion brands including Fenchurch, Miss Selfridge, and the Japanese fashion designer Michiko Koshino. Then in 2011, Kate set up her own printmaking studio.

“Art to me is something that evokes an emotion. I like to think that my prints could trigger a feeling or a memory of a time or place.”

Her approach to design and printmaking stems from a love of florals, geometric patterns, and bold colors often found in textiles. Much of her inspiration comes from the natural landscapes of East Anglia. Working in a variety of techniques to create her distinctive style, she describes her style as “Vibrant, illustrative and quirky.”

I found the prints with one of our art suppliers and I loved the colors and design. I think they are a great addition to our studio, the rest it was simple.

We have tried to create a dynamic space where you can define both the living area and the bedroom.

The studio it has everything you need to make your stay as pleasant as we can but please if you are missing something let us know… we've just forgotten!!


Starting from£89.00/ room / 1 night

2 Lagom

LAGOM: Not too little not too much, perfectly balanced! I think is a perfect portrayal of this new studio.

We are very pleased with featuring a Nordic design and, of course, name the place with a Nordic word. There is a characteristic simplicity in the design that makes the Nordic furniture so unique.

The studio has been decorated with a mixture of greys, whites, and oak bringing an earthy feeling to it as well as a modern look. Like all the other prop[erties we offer you, it has everything you need to have a pleasant stay and if you are missing something please let us know, we must have forgotten!


Starting from£89.00/ room / 1 night

2 Jazz

Perhaps one has to rely on ideas that pick up more on the experience than on any attempted academic definition, with phrases such as Whitney Balliett's "Sound of Surprise" (1961), which he elaborated on to describe jazz as "a highly personal, lightweight form - like poetry, it is an art of surprise - that, shaken down, amounts to the blues, some unique vocal and instrumental sounds, and the limited, elusive genius of improvisation (some of it in the set forms of jazz composition)."

Of course, such a description asks as many questions as it answers - what are the "blues" for example, what is improvisation, and how do composition and improvisation live and work together?

John Fordham in his masterly 1993 book entitled simply "Jazz", captures the nature and spirit of jazz better in his simple sentence: "It is the sound of the skipped heart-beat, the caught breath, the sudden smile."

There is one word which appears in both of these descriptions or attempts at a definition of jazz, that appeals to me as saying something meaningful about the music, and that is the word "sound". Jazz to me is about sound, it's about the expression in sound of an authentic response to life, all of life, with its ups and downs, its elation and heartbreak, its moments of relaxation and sweaty hard labour, its hate and its love.

Writing about Miles' Kind of Blue album, Fordham in his introduction writes about an example of that sound:

"It comes deceptively after a soft, padding double-bass statement of the theme 'So What'. As it ends, Miles Davis's trumpet solo begins, with only two notes, the second an octave below the first. The first haunting sound hangs on its own in an otherwise empty space for a second that seems to go on forever. As it dips, the drummer suddenly hits his cymbal with a single reverberating blow that erupts like a flare over a twilit scene, and the jangling rivets sizzle on as Davis's horn eases nonchalantly into swing. It sounds both inevitable and astonishing at every new hearing."

I love Jazz and with this studio is just my tribute to music!


Starting from£89.00/ room / 1 night